From Our Family To Yours

Wildwood Bend Mission

Wildwood Bend has been built on a foundation of faith, family, and a desire to serve others. Our mission is to offer quality products and exemplary customer service while touching the lives of others.

To understand the cornerstone of our business, one must first understand the legend of our logo, which dates back over 30 years. As high school sweethearts we stumbled on a beautiful old oak tree and he lovingly carved our initials in its bark. As the years passed by, time faded away at the carving, but the old oak tree has never been forgotten. In so many ways, it was where the roots of our family were laid. When we were blessed with children, each of their nurseries had murals hand painted by the two of us and both murals included the old oak tree with our initials. It has become the symbol of not only our faith and of the foundation of our family, but also a reminder that no matter what shakes us in this world, we are grounded by the deep roots established decades ago.

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When you see the Wildwood Bend logo, it is important to know that it is not just “branding.” It is our promise to you. We have built this business, just as we built our family, on faith, grace, blood, sweat, and tears. As you experience our special brand of homegrown Southern hospitality, quality, and style, it is our sincere wish that you also realize that you are not just customers to us, but part of our Wildwood Bend family.

Y’all pull up a rocking chair, sip a glass of sweet tea, and stay a while!
Welcome home!

The Burke Family