Wildwood Bend for Christian Entrepreneurs

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$27.00 / month

About Course

Welcome to Wildwood Bend for Christian Entrepreneurs. This membership was created for small business owners, faith leaders, coaches, and lovers of Jesus seeking to weave their faith seamlessly into their online presence. Every month, our curated content collections feature cohesively themed, faith-inspired graphics and MP4 files primed for dissemination across your social media platforms.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT PNG BUNDLES: Curated mix of 31 faith-based and family-friendly graphics, perfect for fostering meaningful connections online.
    • 31 PNGs Standard Font (KJV)
    • 31 PNGs Script Font (KJV)
  • BIBLE VERSE ANIMATED MP4 BUNDLES: Tailored for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
    • 31 MP4s Standard Font (KJV)
    • 31 MP4s Script Font (KJV)
  • BIBLE VERSE ANIMATED MP4 PINTEREST BUNDLES: Crafted specifically for Pinterest.
    • 31 MP4s Standard Font (KJV) sized for Pinterest
    • 31 MP4s Script Font (KJV) sized for Pinterest
  • Coordinating BONUS CONTENT: Elevate your online presence with supplementary graphics including:
    • Welcome to the Group
    • Turn on Notifications
    • Mindset Monday
    • Testimony Tuesday
    • Word of God Wednesday
    • Thankful Thursday
    • Fellowship Friday
    • Praise Reports
    • Prayer Requests
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook Community Join us as we focus on faith, fellowship, and FREEBIES for your business or ministry.


  1. Download: Download content via the links provided and save to your drive or device.
  2. Watermarks: No need to worry about watermarking, as all content has a discrete watermark overlay already included. This protects our work and your investment.
  3. Logos and Branding: We encourage you to add your own logo over our small logo mark in the bottom right of the graphic or MP4. It is an easy way to elevate your branding! This can be done using a free Canva account or any number of apps available for watermarking.
  4. Share: Share across your platforms.
  5. PRO TIP: We recommend adding music to your MP4 files via Meta Business Suite or within the TikTok, etc. app. This will ensure that you are using platform-approved music without risking being flagged.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This membership and the p